Frequently Asked Questions

How is Avicenna different from other RIM Consulting firms?

The typical “Big Box” consulting firm focuses on attracting the largest clients with the deepest pockets. They spend heavily on new corporate offices, shiny marketing campaigns, and fancy dinner dates – anything to impress potential clients. The high rates they charge are more a reflection of image than knowledge.

Avicenna’s business is built on Relationships, Respect, and Results. We operate in a fiduciary capacity, offering the very best guidance with the interest and satisfaction of our client in mind.

What does a typical engagement involve?

Every organization is unique and so is each engagement. However, most begin with an initial assessment resulting in one or more suggestive plans of action. When an organization commits to a plan, Avicenna is there to facilitate positive change with expert guidance along each step of the way.

Does Avicenna have experience in my industry?

The gold standard in Records Management certifications is the CRM (Certified Records Manager). Achieving this rare designation (there are less than a thousand CRMs in North America) requires nothing less than mastery. Avicenna assigns only experienced, certified RIM professionals to client engagements, meaning you can rest assured that we have the experience and capacity to apply tested, industry agnostic principles and best practices to your company’s specific information management needs.

How much does Avicenna charge for its services?

Costs vary based on the size and complexity of the engagement. Engagements often involve a mix of onsite and remote work, with remote work being the more cost-efficient option for budget conscious organizations.

Avicenna charges clients by the hour; this allows clients the most control over when to spend and on what services. However, some clients prefer a set rate for a specific project. Following a thorough assessment, Avicenna can provide a project estimate based upon a predetermined statement of work.

Can Avicenna save my company money?

Yes. A functional records management program reduces the high costs associated with excess storage, wasted resources, and unnecessary risks. We work with clients to target specific areas for immediate improvement, then track the results to demonstrate quantifiable cost savings.

Avicenna Consulting, LLC is a Washington State Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

We very much appreciate your business, and you deserve ours!